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A good friend of mine came to me one day and ask me for help in filling out forms for adoption, there was so many paper forms the lingo was confusing and she couldn't find answer for less than $200.00 an hour I helped out my friend.  My friend told others what I had done for her and those people reached out to me.  That is when I realized there is a void in the our community.  I've been working in the legal field as a paralegal/legal assistant for the past 15 years.  


am supporting my community members by helping to navigate, prepare and file the proper documents.  I can help you with the preparation, organization and filing of the appropriate documents. I encourage you to contact our office, if I can not answer your questions I will provide you with different options.

We are a low-cost non-attorney alternative that will help you prepare your legal documents under your direction. WE CANNOT OFFER LEGAL ADVICE.
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